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Kindness Clubs

Bwindi Kindness Club (BKC) is a group of teenagers and a few adults who are committed to bringing back to their community in a bush county Uganda,it started Jan.18th.2009.The club was started in Mukono parish in kanungu district in Bwindi village that is mainly famous for Mountain Gorillas. It is found in south western part of Uganda.The idea of starting the club was initiated by a young boy called Brian Turindwamukama,who sold the some idea to other members. Brian was also inspired by Mama Linda's kindness. “I love Mama Linda, she's just a character who is committed to helping and giving back in anyway she can, I'm were I'm now and I'm who I am now because of her. I'm so proud of you Mama” (Brian Turindwamukama).
The club works under some of these objectives;

1.Helping the needy
2.Sensitization against poaching in our forest.
3.Protection of the environment.
In order to achieve the above objectives members proposed the following twelve projects.
1.Protection of Silver back and chimps
2.Protection of the environment for example by encouraging afforestation and re-afforestation.
3.Fighting the prevalence of HIV/AIDS through mass sensitization, for example talking to people with and without HIV/AIDS.
4.Growing vegetables to avail them to malnourished children and pregnant mothers.
5.Helping the needy in communities for example the children,elderly and the sick through charity/volunteer work.
6.Improving sanitation through construction of compost pits and provision of dust bins (Trash bags and recycle bins)
7.Knitting, this will help people improve on their talents maybe earn a simple amount of money to help them. Especially very poor mothers.
8.Handcraft making especially in students
9.Poultry keeping
10.Goat keeping
11.Enhance education through discussion groups during holidays.
12.Sensitizing the masses about a female education.
BKC has 57 members .Among these members they elected the executive comprised of the president as the head and initiator,Vice president,secretary,Vice secretary,Treasurer,publicity secretary,A female and male advisory.

Since the club started the following four projects have been implemented and are working.
1.Helping the needy in the community especially the elderly by renovating their houses ,constructing new ones,growing them some crops providing essential necessities and ensuring sanitation around their homes. This is all done by our own labor. Never used any funds. Us members do our best to keep this project moving.
2.Improving sanitation in urban places and around the park by collecting garbage,trash, polythene bags,Plastic materials into compost pits.
3.Protection of Mountain Gorillas and chimps through mass sensitization.
4.Holding of discussions and seminars for education guidance and counseling.

Other achievements include:
-Opening the postal mailing address of the club with posta Uganda Kabale branch.
-We have been able to design and produce the club constitution.
-We have been able to design the logo of the club.
-Renting an office for the club.

-The club is lacking a computer for typing, storing of its documents.
This has substantially affected the activities of the club.
-There is a problem of communication. We normally move up and down trying to communicate to the club members to come for the meetings.
This is because some of the club members come from distant places.
-We lack club uniform for proper identification in public most especially when we are at work.
-We are lacking a venue where to always hold our meetings. Its difficult for an individual to always host over fifty five people.
-The club is also determined to a resource center.
-The club is also determined to get connected to other clubs, and to extend to other areas especially around protected areas with endangered animals.

The club has never received any financial support from any organization besides Mama Linda's contribution towards the purchase of our club T-shirts otherwise it has been depending on contribution by members in terms of membership fees by supporting all activities being done, but all the membership paid has been used so we currently have no funds to support our work though that's not going to stop us from helping. We shall do what we can and leave what we can't , God knows what our steps will be.

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Class of 2013
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